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 misa life experience story

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Masked Misa

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PostSubject: misa life experience story    Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:05 pm

Once a girl name misa when she was in elementary school and middle school always use to get bullied and her classmate to we had enough we stud up to the bullies they left us alone we became bestfriends misa been through alot no matter what always be tough about it since the bullies left us alone misa and her bestfriend no one ever going to bullie us again and no one going to talk to use the way they think they can we never give up no matter what gets in are way bullying is not okay if someone else got bullied we would stop the bullies in middle school would get laugh at misa so misa loves bakugan loves to go on this fansite this member name kyle im using an acting name he always disrespects me says about my grammar he doesnt know me acts like he knows me thinks the things he said is truth no its not the truth how could he says those things grammar doesnt have to be perfet no one grammar is perfect it wrong telling someone about their grammar its like making fun of them how would that person feel if they said about their grammar he thinks misa was accusing him i wasnt i know he was talking about me still say sorry to him even though he wrong to im sorry hes not i got tired of his crap told him off so thinking of quiting the fansite going to so misa life experience story

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misa life experience story
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