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 Brawling Rules

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PostSubject: Brawling Rules   Mon May 14, 2012 6:05 am

Okay, this is the section for the Brawling Rules. Okay Now, since I recreated the forum, or should I say remolded it to become a RP forum. The battling rules are going to change a bit. And I also know that for those of our friends who do not know how to RP, or do not know what it is don't worry there shall be help for you and there shall be a section for you guys in the process of teaching you how to do so.

Okay Now back to the topic at hand, the Brawling Rules.

  • No Auto-Hit: In role playing, You can just say that your bakugan hit the opponent bakugan and wins. If you watch the anime, you will see it is not so either. And also, you cannot just saying that your bakugan suddenly gets a power boost, it wouldn't be fair and would just make everything uncool.

  • Be Creative: Don't be dull when role playing, you have to describe how your bakugan reacts to each ability card, the playing field and everything else. You need to be creative and imagine the brawl in your head happening right in front of your screen .

  • Ability Cards: In A brawl, only 5 Ability Cards are allowed in each round. Fusion Abilities do not count as part of this five allowed but that doesn't mean you can go spamming them around.

  • Fields: In a field, only one gate card can be set. And each brawler is given a Life Gauge of 500 points. And be aware like in Gundalian Invaders, New Vestroia, Mechatanium Surge. If you win over 500 gs you get the opponents bakugan. Not 500, Over 500!

  • Life Gauge: In using the life gauge. You subtract the opponents winning Gs from the Losers' Gs. E.G: Joe- 900 gs Wins Xero- 700 gs. Xero's life gauge looses 200 points, 300 points remaining. Get it?

  • Depending in the area of the brawl. A bakugan can get a mini boost in gs.

  • In the Process of Evolution in A bakugan, they would need a bunch of things, that I would add later.

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Brawling Rules
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