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 Evil Leader App

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PostSubject: Evil Leader App   Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:17 pm

Name: Jay
Age: 13 yrs.
Good or Evil: Evil
Main Attribute: Pyrus/Darkus
Guardian Bakugan: Darkus Wrath Katrik 650gs
ACTIVE EFFECT: For every ability the opponent plays they are decreased by 150gs. His fusion abilities do not count as ability count.
PASSIVE EFFECT: He is able to cancel out any effect. He will loose 50 LP from his LG. This Bakugan has a 6 ability count.

*Captured by Shroud*

Special Bakugan Recieved:- Kasideya 700gs

(Same as Katrik's but 1st one +50gs and 7 ability count)

His bakugan a great bakugan with mixed personality. The bakugan is really wise but can become really twisted in battle, and does not hesitate to finish the job and he could destroy a bakugan if proven necessary. He obeys his masters ??? every command. And this proves his allegiance to ???.

Extra Bakugan: Darkus Shock Katrok 450 gs

Mech. Bakugan Trap. Sirenoid - 500gs

A bakugan created from the evil leader, the bakugan helps out Katrik in battle but in a lone battle can be really strong. He can slice and dice, and the best part is his weapon form is controllable only by two people; Katrik and the evil leader.

Appearance: ???
A lot of people have been guessing the appearance of the evil leader, but none have gotten it right. Only his most trusted apprentice have gotten to look at him in person. He never comes out, rumours say he is over a thousand years old.

Background: Highly Classified Data

Spirit Crusher: This allows all bakugan on opponent's side drop back to their base power level and plus gives the Guardian bakugan extra 100 gs on my side.

Battle Crusher: This negates all abilities played before this gate card activate by opponent. And also adds 100 gs to every Bakugan on my side.

Twist Catastrophe: This sacrifices 50 LG of my Life Gauge, it causes all bakugan on my side to rocket by 500gs. And all other bakugan plummet to their base and minus 300.
(Cannot be negated)
Darkus Shock Howl: A special ability gifted to Katrik. It decreases the opponents g's by 100. And prevents them from activating ability cards for a while. (2 turns)

Destroyer: This ability ignores any ability stopper effect, it sacrifices 10 points from Life Gauge but still pays off. It is able to nullify ability stoppers.

Turn-up Twist: Sacrificing 20 LP from your LG, you are able to turn a gate card or ability card into your own personal thing. Anything of your choosing, due to the high instability of this card, it don't mean what you want is what you get. (Can only be used once per 5 brawls)

K-Shock Blast: This is a Katrok Ability, he is able to copy any ability in effect, it doesn't matter the type of element it is, this card is active through out the brawl.(Only Card of Katrok)

K-Shock Combo!: This Ability requires Katrok in weapon mode and Katrik with it combined. The two get 400gs boost, and the opponent get decreased by the same amount. This ability cannot be nulified. (Takes 50 Life Points. Once per brawl. Lasts through the brawl)

Flame Carrier: If there is a Pyrus bakugan on the field, Katrik is able to copy any of its abilities. It lasts through out the brawl. (Requires for Katrik to change attribute to pyrus)

Raid-Over: Allows another bakugan to be thrown in and plus 100 gs to all bakugan on my side.

Sartra :- Decreases all opponents by 400gs, and all ally bakugan get 200 gs boost.

Kazzasa :- All opponent bakugan remove one ability count. (Takes 50 points from the LG and cannot be negated)

Rift Chaos - Adds 300gs to all my bakugan and same amount from all opposing bakugan.

Mental Chaos - Brings all bakugan in my arsenal in and all have +100gs. (Cost 75 LP, cannot be negated)

Twist Madness - Exchanges power levels with opponent.

Combine Lasting - Combines Katrik and Kasideya and binds them forever. (This card cannot be negated) (If used Katrik is fused in Kasideya)(Cost 150 LP, causes evolution of Kasideya)

(Mechanical Bakugan Trap)
Adds Lv1 - Adds 200gs to all ally bakugan

Adds Lv2 - Adds 450gs to all ally bakugan and - 200gs to all opposing bakugan.

Can fuse with any of my bakugan.

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PostSubject: Re: Evil Leader App   Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:28 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Evil Leader App   Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:00 am

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PostSubject: Re: Evil Leader App   

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Evil Leader App
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